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Whiteboard animations are a fairly new phenomenon that are becoming popular because of the incredible impact they are having on increasing sales, engaging audiences and building brands.

The power of Whiteboard Animations


Communicate your idea clearly and imaginatively with your audience


Explain your product/service or idea in a way that makes it easy for your customers to understand


Fantastic for storytelling – the best way to engage your customers


Get your message across quickly and effectively

So what are Whiteboard Animations?

To name just a few examples, they can be….
1. Short videos that explain your idea, or promote your product or service, and get people excited about what you offer
2. Fun and intelligent, and entertain in a way that encourages people to share them and make them go viral
3. Inspire people to take action
4. Create a unique identity for your company

Recent Projects

Kind words from our clients

“Emma and the Animate That! team were so easy to work with.  From developing a concept to telling our unique story, the team was responsive and flexible every step of the way.  In the end, we have a fun and engaging animation that will attract top talent to the innovative careers and culture we offer at our Swindon, UK site.”

– Employer Brand Marketing Team, Thermo Fisher Scientific


“Emma surprised our entire development team with her talent and creativity. When we all viewed the whiteboard animation the development team broke out in applause! First time I have seen that happen. Excellent all-round. Great Job Emma!”

– NoLimitTV


Every project is different, so we provide custom pricing options if our standard packages are not suitable for you.

We understand that small businesses and charities need affordable quality

Professional copy writing service for your animation script

We have artists on stand-by for any custom images you order

It’s important to us that you are over the moon with your video

Across many industries

Here are some examples of a few we have worked with

Using Whiteboard Animation in your business

Whiteboard animations are an incredibly versatile communications tool… here are a few examples of how you can use them:

  1. As a teaching aid to explain difficult concepts, or big ideas
  2. To show potential customers how your product or service could work for them
  3. To promote a big event, product launch, or charity drive
  4. For presentations to investors, or colleagues
  5. In order to deliver your message effectively to employees

Promotion without the hard sell

Whiteboard animations are a great way to demonstrate the value you offer without over selling, because their primary purpose is to explain what you, your charity or your product does. A well written and cleverly animated explainer entertains, as well as informs, and this engages people, and as a result they’ll feel more positive about your company and will want to find out more.

There is only one downside to whiteboard animations, and that’s the price. You can pay around £400 (or a lot more) for a 60 second animation, which can be prohibitive. That’s where we come in!

Animate That! provides high quality whiteboard animations at affordable prices… whether you’re self-employed, a small company, a charity, or the HR department or internal communications team working on a shoestring!

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