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If you’re not sure where you could use a Whiteboard Animation, but you know you’d like one, here are 10 questions to get you thinking…

  1. Do you have testimonials or feedback you have gathered from your clients/customers?
  2. How about a case study? These can be very powerful when told as whole a story, rather than just adding to any statistics you already have.
  3. Have you got an event coming up?
  4. A special offer to broadcast?
  5. A brand new product?
  6. Do you have any research that supports your product/service, that you would like to communicate to your audience and potential buyers?
  7. What’s your story?  Could you substitute copy for a video on your ‘About Me’ or  ‘Home’ page?
  8. Are your employees engaged with your brand, mission and values?
  9. Do you have any results or statistics you need to communicate to your workforce or clients?
  10. Have you a presentation coming up that would benefit from a bit of variation to keep your audience engaged?

I hope these questions inspire some ideas!

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