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All the resources on this page have helped me on my business journey. I will only recommend resources and services that I have used myself and that, I think, could also benefit you - I will keep adding to this page as I learn more, so keep checking back for updates!

Just so you know, some of the links on this page are affiliate links (which means that if you choose to make a purchase through them, I will earn a small commission, which comes at no additional cost to you). Please know that I only recommend them to you because I have found them helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.

If you have any questions about any of the products or services listed - please send me an email ( and I'll be happy to help.

Whiteboard Animation Software

Videoscribe - created by SPARKOL -  is the animation software I use to produce the animations for my clients (that and a post productions editor to add any snazzy finishing touches!)

Their software is incredibly user-friendly, affordable, and they have a large library of images which is growing all the time.
They also offer a 7 day trial for FREE , so you can have a play around with it and see how you like it before you have to part with any of your hard earned pennies! Let me know if you have any questions about this software, I'll be more than happy to help.

Useful and Inspirational Books From Amazon

I loved using Michael Hyatt's Full Focus Planner, but found the shipping costs onto of the price of the planner prohibitive, so after using a couple of other alternatives, this is the best one I have found so far.

10 Minute Planner

Available on Amazon:

Very simple, easy to use and not very expensive. I found with other planners there can be a tendency to overthink the process and the planner ends up taking you more time to fill in than to do some of the tasks! This one, is more of an elaborate, organised to-do list - which is perfect for me.
There are additional review pages at the end of each week, and an overview for the beginning.


FREE to use graphic design.

We use it a lot for our social media posts and site images.


FREE to use URL shortener.

We use this for our social media posts, when a URL takes up a lot of space.


FREE to use CRM software

Great for tracking leads and managing your contacts (plus lots more).
They do some good free training too.

Social Media

Social Media Scheduling through Recurpost.

There is, of course, a FREE version, as with most of these online scheduling platforms.
Having tried Buffer and Hootsuite for a little while, this is the one I have settled on.
You may find others may suit you and/or your business better, but I would suggest at least having a look at this platform – out of the 3 I have tried, I found it the most intuitive and it’s very useful to be able to create libraries of different content.

Marketing Books

Russell Brunson’s STUFF!

These are hands-down some of the best books I have read covering online marketing in business.
With my affiliate links you can get them for the cost of the shipping. The books themselves will be free.

“A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion & sales online”
– Tony Robbins




Dot Com Secrets:


“The map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents and abilities into a business that will work for you!
This is one of the shortcuts of the New Rich.”
– Robert Kiyosaki



Expert Secrets:

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