What is a Whiteboard Animation?

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In a nutshell, Whiteboard Animations are - I would say - in-between a 2D cartoon animation and a moving mind map... okay, so they aren't that easy to describe in words, but I can show you an example here:

They are typically succinct videos that explain an idea, promote a product or service, build brand awareness, help position your brand or communicate your brand's unique personality. Longer videos are used too, education videos are very popular because of the increased information retention compared to a talking head video. [There's a good article on this here]

There are many different styles for Whiteboard Animations, which is good to keep in mind if you're considering how you might use one in your business. Just a couple of examples would be:

  • A traditional mind-map, with the focus topic in the centre and additional information/explanations around the outside.
  • An animated poster, where the elements of a printed poster are animated as they appear to create the overall image.
  • Frame-by-frame, which is probably easiest to describe as an animated Powerpoint presentation.
  • Sketchnote, where the animation is sketched alongside the narration in a way which is more like free-association.
  • And many more...

However you want to use one, they are fantastic for engaging an audience.