Who is ‘Animate That’?

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I am Emma.
I created Animate That as a way to help smaller businesses and entrepreneurs create great videos without the headache of a MASSIVE bill!

I work in another company too, and when I investigated the possibility of buying a Whiteboard Animation for their marketing, I couldn’t believe some of the prices! (Let’s just say they were out of our league). So I changed tack and started to look for a software we could use to produce our own. I then learnt how to create Whiteboard Animations myself.

I know, from speaking to other business owners, that we weren’t the only ones feeling the strain of the inevitable catch22 of running/starting up a business – spend money to make money, make money to spend it… I felt it increasingly unfair that great people and businesses were missing out on competing with the larger brands/companies simply because they had smaller budgets, when their services/products were just as good, if not better. I decided to start producing Whiteboard Animations for these people – and the rest, as they say, is history.

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